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Detect errors before commissioning

Thanks to dynamic process simulations, possible drive faults, system malfunctions, operating points and critical operating steps can be displayed, checked and optimized even before a system is commissioned.

In addition, certain relationships such as production mixes containing components with different processing time, recipe changes or rebuilding of a system can be tested for disturbances in a dynamic simulation. This makes it possible to check and evaluate static and dynamic parts of a process during tests and acceptance procedures and to avoid errors in advance.

iIM-Sim – The Simulation system from DSD Automation

DSD Automation has developed a cost-effective simulation system in server / client architecture that can be configured with familiar MS Office programs in just a few steps. Regardless of the manufacturer, the OPC interface can be used to connect several controllers and to display and operate multilingual simulation images on the client computer.

Characteristics iIM-Sim:

  • no simulation code within the PLC program
  • Low demands on the computer hardware
  • Cycle times <100 ms can be achieved
  • Export / Import of the plant status
  • easy operation through user interfaces similar to Windows

iIM-Sim is a key component in increasing the quality of our automation software and contributes significantly to reducing costs and downtime during commissioning.

Advantages iIM-Sim:

  • Creation of the simulation with little time expenditure
  • Early testing of the system possible
  • Process optimization and plant expansions without interrupting production
  • increased availability of the system by trained personnel